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Always Know Your Health Conditions

At A Glance

Monitor fitness goals and health tracking from anywhere at any time.

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Get Access to Your Health Insight

Say hello a new revolutionary smart device – Vital Fit Track, which provides you with insightful information about your current health such as:

Heart rate

Blood pressure

Blood oxygen

Step number


Sedentary warn

Sleep quality

Outdoor companion

Vital tracks all of your movements and let you know your progress in real-time.

Health Monitoring

Vital gives you up to 11 essential health parameters for quickly initial monitoring.

Smart Alert

You will get a reminder whenever you are leading to a serious sedentary lifestyle.

Smart Connectivity

Get all alerts & notifications from your Vital smartwatch right on your wrist, instead of your phone.


Positive Metrics = Good Health

Vital combines cutting-edge technology and comprehensive features to ensure your well-being and fitness goals are met.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Embrace the freedom of managing your blood pressure effortlessly and proactively. Our smart tracker erases the need for bulky devices or time-consuming appointments, allowing you to mointor your health conveniently.



Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Maintaining an optimal blood oxygen or SPO2 level is crucial for overall good health. With our advanced fitness tracker, monitoring this vital parameter becomes effortless with just a single touch.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Harnessing advanced sensor technology, Vital continuously monitors your heart rate, providing you with instant access to valuable insights, whether you’re engaging in physical activity, resting, or going about your daily routine.



Calorie & Step Monitoring

By recording this data, it provides a comprehensive overview of your progress, motivating you to stay active and make healthier choices.

Real Time Notification and Alert

With Vital Fit Track, you can focus on your fitness journey while staying informed and connected to the digital world. Just get the notification or pick up a call from your wrist.


| Stock: Only 27 Trackers Left!

The Future Of Wearable Tech

Experience a new era of wearable health technology with the upgraded Chip of Vital Fit Track. This innovative device takes monitoring your well-being to the next level, providing you with accurate 24/7 tracking, convenient on-tap measurement of health parameters, and comprehensive progress logging.

Advanced Chip

Refined Algorithm

Power Saving

High Performance

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident you will love staying in shape with Vital Fit Track just like our 2000+ customers. However, in the unlikely case you are not satisfied, just return the package within 90 days for a full refund, no questions asked!

| Stock: Only 27 Trackers Left!


What Watch Owners Say

Pretty great!

Battery lasts longer if you don’t have all notifications blowing up the watch. It’s pretty accurate on everything but steps which is fine because I bought it for heart rate and sleep. I would recommend. 

Dallas R.

Keep me on track

I don’t live and die by how many steps I get but I do keep an eye on where I am weekly, also the sleep monitoring app is awesome! What I find most useful is if I step away from my phone I can see text messages and incoming calls.

Suzy L.

So happy!

I love everything about this Vital. The size is great, and downloading information to my phone was so easy. Referred a friend that needed a new Vital and she ordered one too. So highly recommend it.

Mark J.

| Stock: Only 27 Trackers Left!


Frequently Asked Questions

The processing time is 2-3 working days, while the delivery will take about 5-10 working days depending on your specific locations and Vital’s demand at that time.

You can download or update app provided in the manual on


Sure, the Vital works on any Android with a 5.0+ version and iOS 9.0+

Step 1:Wake your Smart Phone Device by pressing the button on the side of the watch.

Step 2:Go back to the app, tap the “ADD A DEVICE” button on the top right of the screen.

Step 3:Grant the device access to your smart phone when prompted.

Yes, Vital offers 24/7 heart rate monitoring. It uses advanced sensor technology to continuously measure your heart rate throughout the day, giving you real-time insights into your cardiovascular health.

Absolutely, there is no need to worry about rain or sweat.

Use this checklist to get the best result:

  • Don’t eat or drink anything 30 minutes before you take your blood pressure.
  • Empty your bladder before your reading.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair with your back supported for at least 5 minutes before your reading.
  • Put both feet flat on the ground and keep your legs uncrossed.
  • Rest your arm with the cuff on a table at chest height.
  • Make sure the smartwatch is snug but not too tight. The watch should be against your bare skin, not over clothing.
  • Do not talk while taking your blood pressure.

Averagely, it can last for up to 96 hours. However, it can vary a little bit depending on your usage.

| Stock: Only 27 Trackers Left!

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