Experience the Joy of Fresh, Healthy Air with IonPure

With IonPure by your side, you can say goodbye to those unpleasant odors, harmful bacteria and viruses that have been lingering around, and instead, enjoy the delightful scents of a refreshed space.

100% Effective Against All Harmful Substances



Pet Odors

Cigarette Smoke

Mold & Mildew

Dust & Allergens

Remove Unwanted Smell and Odor


Not only does IonPure tackle odors, but it also acts as a powerful air scrubber. It captures and removes dander, bacteria, musty scents, and even mildew, ensuring that the air you and your guests breathe is nothing short of pure and revitalizing.

No Complex Filter

There’s no need to replace or clean up a filtering sheeting as others

Super Easy To USe

Simply plug it into your wall and let it start cleaning the air


You won’t even notice that it’s still operating while you are sleeping

Innovative Tech

Triggered negative ions handle harmful pollutants and allergens

The Future of Clean Air

IonPure is a remarkable air purification system that goes beyond simply masking dirty air.

Unlike typical air purifiers that rely on costly filter replacements or toxic chemicals, IonPure takes a different approach.

IonPure is not only highly effective but also completely eco-friendly. By harnessing the power of negative ionization technology, it specifically targets and eliminates living bacteria, unpleasant odors, as well as dust, and allergens that congest your air.

Pure Air

Never be embarrassed by bad odors in your home

No Maintenance

Plug it in to any wall outlet – no filters needed

Refresh Your Home

Get rid of must and mildew smells for good

No Disturbance

Get a deep nights sleep with no noise disturbance

Why Choose IonPure

Discover the effortless and environmentally friendly solution to air purification with IonPure.

By utilizing negative ions, IonPure ensures that you can enjoy the luxury of breathing in fresh, clean air that not only enhances your health but also promotes a sense of overall well-being.

Ultra-efficient negative ionization

IonPure effectively binds to and eliminates molecules that pose a threat to your air quality

Remove airborne toxins

It has the ability to prevent toxins like dust, saliva, bacteria, mold, and dander, but it also plays a crucial role in reducing allergies and alleviating asthma symptoms.

100% Eco Friendly

IonPure stands out as an environmentally conscious choice, ensuring both the safety of the environment and the well-being of individuals with sensitivities.

Sleek and modern design

It comes with a convenient LED indicator. Once plugged into the wall, the blue light confirms its active operation, providing peace of mind.

3 Easy Steps For Fresh Air

You can use it and take control of it right out of the box

Step 1

Plug the unit directly into a regular wall outlet

Step 2

Check that the blue LED light has turned on

Step 3

Leave IonPure do its job- no further action is needed.

Better Air Quality = Better Overall Health

With IonPure, you can create an atmosphere that not only promotes a fresh and inviting environment but also revitalizes your health.

Easy to Use

This smart device operates no its own, without the need of complex installation or maintenance.

Adjustable Setting

You can set up the cleaning timer for this device to run all the time or just in 30-min intervals.

Eco Friendly

With negative ionization technology, IonPure helps to break down harmful particles and turn them into fresh air.

Promote Health & Wellness

The quality of your breath-in air has an enormous impact on your overall health.

Customer Reviews

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Jay Y

Small and Quiet

I love this product! I have it in the wall next to my cats litter boxes and they do not smell what so ever! Even in the hot summer! May have to get another for my kids bathroom.

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Keith M

It works!

Bought one of these for the bathroom that my mom abandoned in our home because she couldn’t stand the smell. I bought this and within hours and particularly on the next day my mom was super excited to be able to use the bathroom again.

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Sana M

Work like a charm

This works great. I have it next to the cat litter and it totally eliminates the smell. You would never know there is a cat box in that room. It does make a light fan noise, but it’s soft and constant. This is in a bedroom and it actually is a soothing sound so it doesn’t bother anyone.

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