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Top Robot Vacuum

Clean Your Floor Effortlessly

Cordless and Automatic

The powerful and intelligent vacuum for cleaning living space in no time.

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Equipped with advanced 3D precise obstacle avoidance technology. Evevac intelligently identifies and navigates around white walls, stairs, and various obstacles.

Meanwhile, its sleek 2.91” slim design ensures that no corner of your home or narrow space goes untouched, effectively cleaning hard-to-reach areas and leaving your house impeccably tidy.

Powered by a robust digital motor, this remarkable robotic vacuum boasts impressive suction power. Its unique air inlet design prevents blockages caused by pesky pet hair, making it an ideal choice for households with furry companions.

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Advanced Features

Powerful. Automatic.

Explore a variety of advanced features that you can see from a high-end robot vacuum. 


Complete Control Portable Vacuum

Remove debris from all floors, clean any room, or get rid of dander and hair from your carpet with powerful suction and effortless maneuverability.


Fast & Automatic Cleaning Power

The robot vacuum is equipped with an infrared sensor, which is close to the furniture/white wall/obstacle, and instantly recognizes and slows down to prevent collisions. Fall induction technology, perceive steps, effectively avoids falling from stairs or edges. Plan the best route to achieve efficient and thorough cleaning.


Cordless, Lightweight, High Coverage

This robot vacuum cleaner defaults to a random cleaning path. The zigzag cleaning can be selected through the remote control or APP. Z-type routing has high coverage, less missed scanning and high efficiency. (When using, please pay attention to avoid collision of the robot vacuum cleaner, otherwise it will change the Zig-zag Cleaning cleaning path.)


Non-Stop Powerful Clean For All Spaces

Two large wheels are designed to move easily from hard floors to carpets, and easily slide over thresholds less than 1.5CM for continuous cleaning across the room without worrying about getting stuck.


Intelligent Sensor

With an infrared sensor, Evevac can instantly recognize barriers and automatically slows down to prevent collisions and protect both your vacuum and your valuable belongings.


Powerful Motor

Our robot vacuum not only comes with two large wheels that effortlessly transition between different surfaces but also can slide over thresholds less than 1.5CM in height, gliding from room to room, without the worry of getting stuck.


All-Rounded Floor Cleaner

Evevac does all the tasks from collecting debris to mopping the floor. It can get rid of even fine particles or pet hair easily.


Custom Path, Large Coverage

Evevac follows the zigzag cleaning path, known as Z-type routing, which minimizes the chances of overlooking any spots and ensures a thorough clean for your home. With its high coverage, you can rest assured that this smart vacuum can reach any corner of your house.

Other Features

Lightweight &

Waterproof &
Impact resistant

Stylish &

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What’s Inside & Outside

The Tech Specs

The powerful suction capability of up to 6000PA of Evevac Robot Vacuum effortlessly tackles even the most stubborn dirt and debris.

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Automatic Robot Vacuum

Use It Anytime, In Any Room

Whether you’re busy working, relaxing, or even on the go, this versatile vacuum seamlessly fits into your daily routine. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to move around, allowing you to maintain a neat and clean environment wherever you may be.

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Customer Reviews

What Our Users Have To Say

Sharon T.

Verified Buyer

I am rating this sweeper number one, and the most efficient sweeper made. This small sweeper climbs medium high pile carpets with ease, cleans wood floors, tile floors, and runs over throw rugs with ease. 

Deborah B.

Verified Buyer

I have had this vacuum for 4years now. I have multiple short haired dogs and all hardwood floors in my home. This little gadget works pretty hard on a daily basis. I do have to dump it a lot but it’s worth it.

Heidi L.

Verified Buyer

Does a great job picking up dog hair and dust. My floors look great after use. My dog ignores the robot now. I purchased it on sale. Money is a consideration. This robot negotiates well, I only have laminate and thin carpets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve All The Answer

What is included?

2pcs Brush, 1x Charging Cable, 1x Manual, 1x Rag, 1x Sweeper

It can be charged anywhere with the micro USB charger. Run time: 60min per 180min charge.

Yes, the Evavac Robot Vacuum offers remote control functionality through a smartphone app or a dedicated remote control device. You can start, stop, or pause cleaning sessions, change cleaning modes, and access other features conveniently from your phone or remote.

Yes, the Evevac Robot Vacuum is designed to work on a variety of flooring types, including hardwood, tile, laminate, and carpeted surfaces. It can seamlessly transition between different surfaces to ensure a comprehensive cleaning experience.

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