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High Pressure Power Washer

JetSurge’s Hydro-Dynamic technology turns any normal garden hose into a powerful pressure washing machine!


As you turn on your hose the water will start to build up inside and create pressure.


The hydro-dynamic narrowing tube of the Jetsurge will turn loose water into a high-powered, direct stream.


With the immense power of the Jetsurge’s stream, you’ll be able to blast away any dirt, mud, or build-up you can find.

Meet Jetsurge

Hydro-Dynamic Technology

Introducing Jetsurge, an innovative pressure washer that harnesses the power of your everyday garden hose, transforming it into a formidable cleaning tool.

This lightweight, hydrodynamic device takes regular water pressure and amplifies it to levels that can easily tackle outdoor cleaning tasks such as washing driveways, decks, fences, cars, and even trash cans.

The secret behind Jetsurge is its cutting-edge Hydro-Dynamic technology. This unique technology uses a specially designed constrictive tip to increase the velocity of the water flow. This narrow path forces the water to accelerate, creating a high-pressure stream that can dislodge dirt, grime, and stubborn stains from any outdoor surface you could possibly need.

 Designed in U.S.A.       30 Day Money Back Guarantee       No Hassle Returns

The Top Rated Pressure Washer in America

Outdoor Surfaces Easily Cleaned

The breakthrough HydroDynamic Technology used in the Jetsurge means you can turn any old garden hose into a powerful pressure washer.

Fits Any Size

The specialized Jetsurge connector means it can fit almost any size garden hose!

Fast & Effective

You’ll save so much time by using a cleaning tool this strong, completely wipe down dirty driveways in just a few minutes!

All Your Outdoor Cleaning Needs

Jetsurge can be used for almost anything outdoors such as windows, cars, fences, driveways, decks, brick, roofs, gutters, and more.


Traditional pressure washers can cost hundreds of dollars to buy and up to $50 to rent for just a few hours.

Breakthrough Hydro-Dynamic Technology

How It Works

This exclusive system takes advantage of a specially engineered nozzle and frame to narrow the water flow from your garden hose, creating a high-pressure stream that can tackle even the most stubborn dirt and grime.

With Jetsurge’s universal garden hose connector you get the power of a traditional pressure washer without having a bulky, expensive machine.


You have to hose dirt down for an extremely long time and there’s no guarantee it will even work.


You use Jetsurge and easily shoot off stains, dirt, mud, and build-ups off any outdoor surface.

High Pressure Washing

In Just 3 Simple Steps

With the universal connector, you can turn any garden hose into a powerful cleaning machine.

Step 1


Screw on the Jetsurge to any garden hose.

Step 2

Choose Mode

Select which power mode you want.

Step 3

Wash Away

The Jetsurge’s high-force stream will wash away any stains, dirt, rust, or mud.

For All Outdoor Uses

Jobs that would take hours can be done in just a few minutes with Jetsurge. Just attach it to your garden hose and get spraying, it’s that easy!

Over 11,000+ Reviews

Customer Success Stories


821 Reviews

Lily Rosenblum

I have never experienced such incredible cleaning power until I used Jetsurge! It effortlessly blasts away dirt and grime, leaving my outdoor surfaces sparkling clean. It’s a game-changer!

Sarrah Haynes

Jetsurge is a time-saver! With its high-pressure water jets, I can clean my patio in minutes instead of hours. It’s efficient, effective, and a must-have for anyone who wants a spotless outdoor space.

Sheli Mann

I’m amazed by the versatility of Jetsurge! Whether I need to remove stubborn stains from my driveway or gently clean delicate surfaces like my car, this power washer delivers exceptional results. It’s my go-to cleaning tool.

Steve Markuson

I never thought I could enjoy cleaning until I discovered Jetsurge! Its powerful stream of water makes the task quick and satisfying. Plus, it’s so easy to use that even a novice like me can achieve professional-level cleaning. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve All The Answer

The Jetsurge works for all kinds of surfaces including but not limited to cars, car engines, trashcans, fences, decks, bricks, garages, roofs, gutters, grills, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Yes, our universal connector works for nearly all garden hoses although there are a few exceptions. If it doesn’t fit your hose then you can easily take advantage of our money-back guarantee!

Traditional pressure washers cost hundreds of dollars and are very clunky. With Jetsurge you get all the benefits but with the added perks of being lightweight, affordable, and easy to set up.

The battery life of the Zephyr portable AC varies depending on your usage. However, for continuous running, it can last for up tp 8 hours per full charge.

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