Keep Your Space Clean In a Minute eClean Handheld Vacuum

eClean takes cleaning to the next level with its HEPA filtration system. This advanced filtration technology ensures that it not only sucks up dirt and debris effectively but also purifies the air at the same time.

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Love eClean for Super Convenience

eClean Portable Vacuum is the go-to choice for cleaning on the go. It’s small enough to fit in your car’s glove box and packs a powerful suction that can handle tight corners. That’s the reason why cleaning freaks around the world give it 5-star reviews without hesitation.

Key Features of

eClean Handheld Vacuum

Easy Dumping Lid

Emptying the eClean dustbin is a breeze. Simply screw the lid off and take the debris out.

HEPA Filtration

The True HEPA Filter captures tiny dust particles and dander that regular vacuum cleaners circulate back into the air.

Powerful Suction

With its high-powered vortex action, eClean effortlessly draws out dirt and grime from even the most hard-to-reach places.

Deep Cleaning

Various extensions ensure that all types of debris will be collected effortlessly.

Gravity Handle

The vacuum’s handle is engineered with gravity balance, so the weight of the vacuum is stable and comfortable to hold.

Cordless Use

No more fussing with messy wires. The vacuum is charged with a basic USB type-C, and it runs without any electricity.

What Makes eClean Become

#1 Choice for Cleaning?

Say goodbye to messes caused by kids, pets, or everyday dirt build-up because eClean effortlessly takes care of them in an instant. With its powerful suction, you can easily and efficiently eliminate dirt, debris, and any other unwanted particles.

Easy Storing

It’s so portable that you can easily tuck it inside your car door pocket or in the glove compartment, ensuring that it’s always within reach for a quick clean-up whenever you need it.

Innovative Dust Filter

This innovative feature allows eClean to trap even the finest particles of dust and prevent them to bounce back, ensuring a deeper and more thorough clean than ever before.

High-powered Function

Thanks to its powerful motor and vortex suction technology, eClean tackles dirt, debris, and even stubborn particles with ease. It leaves no corner untouched.

Small Yet Stable

Let Eclean Take Care of the Hard Work

Get ready to experience the ultimate cleaning comfort with eClean Vacuum’s specially designed gravity balance system. This innovative feature makes eClean feel practically weightless in your hands, allowing for effortless control during your cleaning sessions.

Listen to What People Are Saying About It

27,000+ 5-Star Reviews


27,581 Reviews

Jennifer Abu

“It’s so cute and portable but the suction power is incredible for how tiny it is! Battery last for weeks! And you don’t have to pull out your heavy vacuum for a small spill!”

Allan Phoenix

“This is one of the best little investments I’ve ever made. This hand-held gets used about 10x more than my upright vacuum – request spot cleaning means more time between major cleanings. I thing we use it several times a day! Great features, great price – highly recommended.”

Karen Brown

“I just got this wonderful eClean. It’s easy to handle, easy to clean and holds a charge for quite a while. I didn’t think I would use the pet brush, but this dust buster is so powerful, it actually cleans the cat hair from my sofa easier than my old vac.”

Marry Spear

“This has made cleaning my furniture so much easier. And it’s great for sweeping up close to baseboards. Has enough power to really get the pet hair off of the sides of the couch.”

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